Just when I thought it was safe to freely admit my ignorance, *they* start releasing the Sailor Moon S on DVD. My heart is light as a feather. Finally I get to know something about the outer senshi.

And bitch a little about the dubbing process. I would assume that the subtitles are for a more mature audience, which means they can keep more of the little touches that make Anime fun to watch. And the dubbing means that Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are cousins, rather than leaving their relationship a bit vague (although some might say that they're obviously gay... I myself prefer to believe that friendship comes in many colors).  Anyway with Sailor Moon S you have a stronger enemy, and Sailor Uranus and Neptune more or less show up and are much more able to wack the enemy in a big way. They are looking for talismans, however, and are not interested in joining up with the forces of good as we know it. They are willing to sacrifice anyone to save the world, including each other. Sailor Uranus has "World Shaking" and Sailor Neptune has "Deep Submurge"

Oh, and Sailor Uranus dresses up like a guy, so Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter both have a crush on Sailor Uranus when she first shows up even though Sailor Moon is going steady with Tuxido Mask. Soon they are shown their mistake, and are majorly embarassed to learn that Sailor Uranus is a girl. Furthermore Sailor Uranus teases Sailor Moon by occasionally hitting on Sailor Moon. Finally, once, Sailor Jupiter starts following Sailor Uranus because she wants to be cool like her, and Sailor Moon becomes rather nervous and begs her, "not to give up on men." And in a stroke of pure genius Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune enter a romance contest together, and majorly kick ass in proving thier love for each other.

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