mercury bubbles
So Serena battled the forces of evil on her own for a little while. But then one day she was forced to look into a little bit of trouble with a computer class, where she met this kind of weird girl with blue hair. (Although no one seems to think it's weird that she has blue hair). So anyway The blue haird girl's name was Ami and she was super smart and aced all her classes without trying and so on and so forth, and for a short time was suspected of being in with the nega-verse.

  Well, Luna figured it out, did a little cat flip thing, and caused a wand to appear. This wand would then be used by Ami to call upon the powers of Mercury. So what are the powers of Mercury? Well, um it's like the Mercury Bubbles, and all that, and although this may be the weakest powers of all the scouts, Ami's bubbles have often been used as a fog which partially blind the enemy. Oooh, and later on she gets this little visor thing which comes over her eyes which allows her to play with this computer thing. She usually uses it to figure out things about the enemy. Weeknesses and all. It's like this clear blue visor thing.

So anyway Ami turnes out to be one of the good guys, Ami and Serena destroy the evil people, the class is returned to normal, and they all live happily ever after.

I can't think of anything else to say about Ami, so just look at the pictures and enjoy.

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