Mars mars, kind of a brat, like Sarena, but at least she doesn't whine as much. Rei works at a temple for her father, where people started disappearing after a guy, Jed, starded working there. Well, Luna, Serena and Ami go looking into it and start nosing around Rei. Well, much as Serena wanted to believe that Rei was evil, Luna figured it out and did the cat flip thing and Rei got her Mars wand thing.

Rei and Serena don't get along very well because, well because they're both stubborn, and so forth. For a while it's Ami Rei and Serena, with Luna and Ami playing peace makers between the fights that Rei and Serena got into.

Later on Rei plays at writing songs. She writes all these songs for a talent show, except one of the bad guys comes along and destroys all the sheet music. Rei looks at the tatered remains of her dreams and uses her fire power to take the bad guy out.

For a while Rei was going out with Darion, but he was kind of destined to be Serina's, like because that's how it was in the moon kingdom, or something.

There's also this guy, Chad, who helps out at the temple. He's kind of a sufer dude and not very smart, but he is brave, and he and Rei are friends, just friends.


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