This is a links page. I resisted making a links page for a long time, but what the hey, my index page was becoming long to the point of absurdity (sic, right?) and even I was getting fed up with the download time and I never surf with a phone connection (because it takes up way too much time).

Having said that, these are the happy pages I have found through various means, and for one reason or another felt the need to connect them to my site. I kept my written comments because they made me happy when I wrote them, and I am still happy with them. Without further Ado:

I am a sometimes American, sometimes Canadian. If you love the ideals of America as much as I do please visit to learn about the abuses of the American Media. Also visit to read my favorite editorial.

Craig Kilborn says:
"I like my laughs like I like my breasts.... I don't care if they're fake."

This just in. Brown is the new black. Orange is the new red, and black is the new orangey-brown. Please adjust your wardrobes accordingly. This just in.

In "frightening our children" news... The popular children's program "Sesame Street" has made the bold decision to address terrorism on the show in a way that's sensitive to little kids. Look at Kofi Annan surrounded by puppets... I wonder if he's used to that?

The biggest change of all: a two-hour security check before they can even tell you how to get to "Sesame Street."

Kids will learn about strife in the Muslim world with their new pal, "Abdul Ahmed Mohammed Allah Ali Omar... the Frog!"

Check out Craiggers at:

Bored? Imagine yourself as your favorite dictator or sit-com character. Got it? Now go to and answer a bunch of yes/no questions and see if they can't guess who you are.

My Results:
Disorder Rating Information
Paranoid: High click for info
Schizoid: Low click for info
Schizotypal: High click for info
Antisocial: Low click for info
Borderline: Moderate click for info
Histrionic: Moderate click for info
Narcissistic: Low click for info
Avoidant: Very High click for info
Dependent: High click for info
Obsessive-Compulsive: Moderate click for info

Find you're derangements at:

My Death Date is: November 13, 2048. I will be 72 years old. Do you know when your death date will be? Better check it out at

Sometimes I wander around the internet naked. Then like I turn around, and there's some guy there and he says, "Hey, you're naked" and I think to myself, "No I'm not," but then when I look I see that I am naked. It's that sort of thing that makes you think, "Hey, maybe I should get off the drugs." Unfortunately I'm not on drugs. That's right ladies and gentlemen, I am 100% drug free. I get to this place on Caffeine and sleep Deprivation alone.

Anyway I was wandering around the internet at work (fully clothed) and I found this site called... Save the Dragons Campaign. Yes my friends, those dragons are in danger of becoming extinct. It's true. Every year hundreds and hundreds of dragons die... of.... er this and that. Humans probably. They're usually killing things, and destroying habitats and introducing foriegn species and Diseases and the like. It's pretty sad.

If my tale of woe has brought tears to your eyes, I urge you to go to:

Save the Dragons

and do what you can to help those poor noble creatures.

Click on this link exchange link. Yeah, so it's a cheep way of trying to get people to visit my site, but click on the link, do it, they love it when you do.

SubmitFree: Submit to 25+ Search Engines for free !!!!

I'm including this until someone asks me to take it off. I was born in Canada, but I don't live there right now. Sad but true, I was raised in Hawaii, which is about as different from Canada as you can get, I should think. I recently moved to Washington, where I'm cold all the time, and I had the opportunity to visit Victoria, and well, I'm in love. Just you wait Canada, I'll come home, someday.

So I clicked on the random link on my Jones Soda thing, and guess what I found. Go on, guess. That's not a guess. Okay fine, if you're going to be like that, I'll just tell you. I found this cute little punk band called Detournement. Now, this is a Sailor Moon/girl site, and maybe you all don't care much for punk, what do I know, but I read their lyrics, and it damn near broke my black little heart. Some of the stuff was wimpy don't do drugs type of stuff, but some of the other stuff reminded me of my own bad poetry, only... well... pretty good. So check it out, consider it a personal favor. But then, what do any of you owe me, really?

The link: Detournement


Hey, guess what? Go on guess. No that's not a g.... wait, have I used this joke all ready? Oh well, they say nothing's really funny unless you hear it at least a hundred times. Well, maybe a hundred and one. So did you hear the one about..... Anyway I have about 16 entries in my guestbook and nearly 2,000 hits on my counter, and not all the hits are me coming here to check how many hits I've gotten and how many guest entries I've picked up. So I've decided to share my wealth of visitors with other websites I consider to be kick ass. Not that you all come here to see what's cool on the internet. While clicking on the random link on my Jones Web Ring block I came accross Freaks All Week and I've become something of a fan. I read her stuff a lot, and it made me cry a little... and just recently jealous a big deal because *she* got to see TMBG but do they come here, to Hawaii? NO! But that's bitter, moving on. So please check out Freaks All Week and become one of the masses of fans checking in every week to make sure life is safe for freak-kind.

Oh and definately check out the random link on the Jones Webring block. Sometimes you get some really *lame* pages, but every once in a while you get a real gem.


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