So then there was this girl, her name is Lita. She's kind of smart, king of cool, but she's very bossy and she's always getting into fights. She also likes guys, like most happy heterosexual girls, but she tends to talk about them a lot.

So Lita has the power of Jupiter, which means that she shouts out "Jupiter Power" and becomes Sailor Jupiter. This also means that she can shout "Jupiter thunder clash SMASH!" And she grows this antenna out of her head and a bold of lightning comes down from out of the sky and strikes her on the head. Then she redirects it at the bad guys. Lita is very strong and very loyal to her friends. She makes a great friend but don't cross her.

Sadly that's all I can think about about Lita for now, which is sad because she's my favorite of all the Sailor Scouts, but when my brain juices are flowing again I'll be sure to add something more to this page.

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