Cheeze Poems
I am a theatre-ICS major. I'm too creative to be an ICS major but I want to make money someday. Tough luck for me. Anyway I'm bored out of my mind in my ICS courses and one day I forgot my needle at home so instead of hemming and hawwing, I wrote Cheeze poems. They're not really about Cheeze, but they're about me bored out of my head. If you want to read them, here they are:

Cheeze upside down
Singing Cheeze
Laughing Cheeze
Number Cheeze
Mice and Cheeze
Me and my Cheeze
Think of Cheeze
Colors Cheeze
cee aich ee ee zee ee

All these poems were written by a person who chooses to call herself Kronin Wanderforth online. If you feel the need to copy them because you think they are good enough to copy then there isn't much I could do to stop you although I would prefer that you meantion that they were written by me. They're not really good enough to copy, though. I just thought I'd meantion that. e-mail me at if you want. We could talk about poetry or the weather. Or you could just read my peoms and click on by without a backwards look.

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