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I am Sailor Moon.

This page doesn't change much, but it's loved by her creator. Thank you for visiting me.

Once upon a time, a long time ago there lived a girl who was hurt. This is not her story. This is the story of the woman she became, and the obsessions she developed. Sometimes she writes poetry. She doesn't claim her poems are any good. She loves Anime, expecially Sailor Moon and Fushigi Yuugi. She also fell in love with a obscure theatre form from a remote area in Indonesia. She quotes Douglas Adams often, and was saddened by his passing. She talks about herself in the third person when she gets nervous and talks about the things she likes. And for all intents and purposes her name here will be Kronin Wanderforth. Read on, oh my brothers.

And for Tomas, a wee bit of TMBG: "Then some people came to talk me down, but I don't need advice... I'm down."

Hey if you've been here before and you miss the snowing Hitchhiker's Guide imp things they're still here. I just decided to shluff them off onto the DNA section of my website because they kind of belong there. And if you've never seen my snowing Hitchhiker's Guide imp things then why not visit them today?

The dead are messed up (Lexx)

I don't like being dead. It's... quite annoying actually. (Forever Knight)

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I'm you? I'm me, but you're me too, so does that mean I'm you...?

kudos to anyone who gets the reference

POETRY I've been adding new bits of poetry to my page, as I feel my sadness close around me. Check out my poetry, new and old, at the Bad Poetry section of my webpage.

The Trilogy is over, a great man has died. Douglas Adams died of a heart attack at 49 on the 11th of May, 2001. Visit for info and to leave your own tribute to DNA's greatness. Also check out and vote for DNA!

And finally, check out my own tiny tribute to DNA. I used to keep it on this page, but I have since moved it off to a new page, where I can remember and weep in relative privacy. Please check it out, it has quotes from some of his greatest works which will be updated as often as I am able.

But love was blind, they said, love was crazy-- love didn't have any heart, and so it ripped out your own.

Joan D. Vinge


There is this type of fun and exciting folk theatre-dance-music called Randai which comes from a place called Minankabau. I learned all I could about it, and now I play it whenever I'm feeling a little blue or lost. The point? Well I decided to put a little bit of stuff I have about my single experience with Randai on this web page. If you would like to check it out, visit my Randai Page

No updates. How sad. In other news I'm working on a Macromedia-phrase-parsing-fortune-cookie-kind-of-thingie. It might be cool. It might be lame. I may never put it on my page. Be glad there's anything on this page anymore.

In the mean time visit this Really Nifty Minangkabau Site which has all sorts of neat cultural stuff I know nothing about.

I'm a fan, and a Browncoat. If someone out there cares, please click on the link below to learn more about Serenity or Firefly (the show it was based on) and show your support for a great show.
Serenity: The Official Movie Website
WonderCon Clip 700k_wmv.asx WonderCon Clip 300k_wmv.asx WonderCon Clip 128k_wmv.asx WonderCon Clip WonderCon Clip WonderCon Clip Another Serenity Review Test Screening-Early Reviews Also: www.can' For info about where you can see the Serenity movie On May 5th! rather than waiting for September (but you can still see it in September!)

Coming (real) soon: My own personal shrine to Serenity and Firefly. Stay glued to your computer!'s a strange beast, but a beast built out of love for Firefly and Serenity so if you're here, and brave enough to face the spammers, add your brick to the love of Firefly

Hey you know what I noticed tonight? I switch back and forth between the American and Japanese names of my favorite Sailor Moon characters. Perhaps some day I will fix this. Deal with it. I'm dealing with it as best I can.

Okay so maybe I'm not Sailor Moon, and maybe, just maybe I'm a little crazy, but hey, I like the darn-ed show. I feel like this is an AA meeting (I've heard about them in documentaries) Hello, my name is kronin, and I'm a Sailor Moon fan.

But I mean hey, I'm female, most of the heroes are female (I don't want to talk about the masked wonder) and I love cats, and their mentors are cats. You don't get much cuter than that, but if cute was all I was looking for, I'm sure I could have found that too.

But hey, if you don't like the show, then just get out of here. Don't bother telling me it's stupid, or trying to tell me all the reasons I shouldn't watch it, and the starving kids in India, because I just don't care. Sailor Moon rocks.

I like pictures. I'll admit it, often I wander around the internet looking for one thing, and one thing only... pictures. Quirk, if you must. But sometimes I like a good story. Maybe you're one of the few people out there who likes a good story... well tough I'm going to be the one writing the stories around here. First, Sailor Moon starts with one scout, uh, Sailor Moon of course. Later on she meets a nice young girl with blue hair named Sailor Mercury well actually her name is Ami. Later on the two of them join forces with Sailor Mars . Then three million years later (or maybe I'm just impatient) they team up with Sailor Jupiter . She's my favorite. Then, last but not least there's Sailor Venus .

Well, they started releasing the Sailor Moon S series on DVD, and I, a fan, found myself *needing* to have it, so I have bought the DVD's. I watched the episodes in Japanese with English subtitles, and now I can never go back. That's right, Japanese Anime with English dubbing sucks. Or at least I don't like the dumbing down of the Anime to make it suitable for the delicate sensibilities of the youth of America. Or the parents, probably. Americans can be so.... sensitive. Anyway, in celebration, I have added Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus pics and bits.

Some more links to some more images for my own fun and ammusement. I have a pic of a Sailor Moon Bad-y. I think she's from the Sailor Moon S series, but I'm not sure who she is.

Chibi Usa is very annoying in the American version. In the original Japanese she's still rather annoying, but you know, distinctions. But Chibi Usa is fighting for the forces of good, when she's not fighting Usagi for Mamoru's affections. I have Double Moon pics for you. Usagi and Chibi Usa look a little concerned in this picture, no? And finally, it looks like Usagi is trying to cheer up Chibi Usa in this pic.


I am hiding from the world. My Guest Book self-destructed, and my e-mail account is full of crap so I never check it. If you want to contact me then visit your nearest psychic.

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Life is hard, but war is hell. Some links to visit: for a nifty counter of your own, www.bushin30seconds.orgfor some really good anti-bush commercials and Because we all really need to... move on.