Kronin Wanderforth
Alone in the emptiness of my thoughts
I look at you and see the image of my sadness
What does it matter that you long for something you
cannot have when I cannot have you in love?
Closing my eyes against my tears, then opening them
To look in yours with a crooked smile and a dream
I open my heart and love to you with secret smiles
Eyes begging for you to smile back
Then from nothing, a smile, and a laugh
my dreams of love returned and your happiness becomes mine
Your smile becomes my smile until I almost cannot stand to
have the joy of being with you in my life
My emptiness and your sadness gone in the love between us

But why?

Why can't it last?

Why must it go away to become the joy and light of someone else's life?

My selfishness longs for you still at my side
but the emptiness remembers the sadness
in your heart I only wanted to banish from your life
And if you are happy where you are now,
can I wish you here with me?
How can you be unhappy here where I am,
but so happy in my arms with my love

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