Maybe I should explain myself.

When I write poetry, as I so often do, what I usually do is mope around, get all moody and drink too much caffein or sugar or both. Then I get hyperactivly moody and depressed and to let off some energy without killing myself I usually write a poem. This usualy expresses what I feel at the moment, and when I do it right I feel better, and I actually like the poem for a while and carry it in my pocket until it rots or I put it on a web site like this one.

Well, There was giving me some problems. First of all I didn't like some of the things I had to say. They seemed kind of pompus or whatever. Plus some of my thoughts were connected to other thoughts in ways that weren't obvious. It was the equlivant, in my opinion of going, "anyway," or "Oh and another thing is," which was damaging my aura (such as it was.)

Then I decide to take this computer-theatre course, and we read this book called Hamlet on the Holodeck by Janet H. Murray. Well the book is mostly about a fun little playground called cyberspace and her proposals on how to use the cyberspace as a literary and theatrical medium. One of the ideas she mentions is a hypertext book. Now I haven't actually read a hypertext book but it sounds to me like one of those choose-you-own-adventure books only using web pages. But this gets me thinking.

Now what with my problems with my poem I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe all I need is a different medium. Instead of using a flat piece of paper why not use a web page and have the ideas linked to eachother.

So this is kind of the result. To read it, just read it, follow the links, and try to figure out what connections they might have. The complete poem is located in this poem all of three times, and here.

So anyway, try it out. See how you like it.

Brand new! Shockwave to rock your world. Shockwave and Macromedia Director are trademarks of Macromedia but it gives me the ability to play with this stuff even more, moving text, images and etc with greater control than I could get with the html. Someday There will be the poem I know it can be. This is a work in progress but I couldn't wait to show it off, so check out the beginnings of There as a Shockwave poem. Some things within the thing are clickable, they're usually a different collor and/or underlined or etc. Play with it, love it, it is your friend.

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