by Kronin Wanderforth

There in the darkness
I reached for you
and missed
we two alone
different sides of the same personality
a person only we together could become
a vision of perfection
Together we were one
Better than each seperate half
and I saw that image
before it shattered in the darkness

Together in the emptyness of life

Remembering the treasures of our time together.

better than

happy in the truth that was your love for me

And in the end that lie shattered the reality
into the illusion

Drew pictures of
white on black
black on black

I blinked my tears away
and saw your head shatter into a million pieces

I took a breath sure that I would explode
Felt the night air on my skin
Focused on a distant star and saw my future there

I named her happy
And for the first time
in a long time I