Temperary Sanity
Kronin Wanderforth
How much is sanity worth?
Five dollars, twenty two cents.
I only have two cents
So we make a deal.
Too cents worth of sanity
I hold it in my hand
To sents worth of sanity
Then the wind blows it away
My too sents of sanity
And I get bummed

But then I contemplate the purple butterflies
and the elephants and the wind
tells me it's okay
and I talk to the bees for a while
They don't talk in human language
They talk in bee language
To talk in human language is to insult them
I always talk
But I never talk to myself
There's always someone there
Even if I can't see them.
When I'm walking I sometimes feel like a god.
I am a god
I may be a minor diety, but I am a god.

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